We analyze your strength and movement patterns during specific tests to see if you have any weaknesses or if you could improve.

Phase 3: Normal motion

Phase I: Posture 

Phase 2: Muscle size

Phase 6 (optional): strength and conditioning Breakdown 

We analyze your muscle size to see if there any specific areas that are not well developed.  Depending on your goals, muscle size can tell us a lot about strength and health.

Even healthy lifestyles need help to stay that way.  Our movement system analysis finds your weakpoints to help you improve yourself based on your goals.  Whether it is improving from an injury or surgery, trying to enhance your performance, or improving your physique we can help.  

Movement System Analysis

​​​​Manual Medicine Physical Therapy


We analyze your joint movement to see if there are any specific range of motion impairments.  

We analyze your posture and joint positions to ensure there are no abnormalities.

We analyze your strength and conditioning program to see if there are any dysfunctional areas.

Movement System analysis (Cost: $75)

Phase 5 (optional): Running 

Phase 4: Normal Strength and movement

We analyze your running mechanics and endurance to see if there are any dysfunctional areas.